Family Owned & Operated

First Impressions is a Calgary-based, family-owned and operated company. Founded by Gerry Brookwell in 1983, the core values that he instilled in the company – hard work, honesty, integrity – have stood the test of time. Now in our third generation, we continue to apply this ethic to our work today. It’s with pleasure that we create high quality products and deliver truly excellent customer experiences!

Proud Members of the Community

Alberta is recognized worldwide for its robust Energy and Agricultural sectors, and our roots are in these foundational industries. A vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude has always fueled the Albertan community, shaping who we are today. We place great value on relationships, and our handshake is our word.

One of our greatest moments as an emerging business was our involvement in the iconic 1988 Winter Olympics. We were honored to embroider thousands of sweaters, toques and jackets bound for the Games, and to this day we are thrilled that we were able to contribute to the resounding success of the event.

From Small Towns to Global Reach

Today our customers span Canadian, US, and international markets. While still carrying out our core services in-house, we have built a comprehensive network of staff, vendors and distributors that allow us to service global locales with the same exceptional quality,
dependability and service standards that we are known for at home.

We Couldn’t Do It Without Our Team, and - of Course - Our Customers!

First Impressions has been built alongside a team of dedicated employees who we consider not only friends, but extended family. Their contributions to the growth and success of the company are immeasurable, and we appreciate the years of excellent service. We would not be here today without their hard work and wealth of knowledge.

Our trusted vendors play a key role as well, supplying outstanding products and service. We appreciate their dedication to high quality standards, and their ongoing commitment helps us keep the wheels in motion.

And last but certainly not least, we would like to extend a warm thank you to the many customers, old and new, who entrust us with their business. We are very proud of the lasting relationships we have developed through the years and it is our absolute privilege to serve you!